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Just another tuesday night. A quiet, calm, tuesday. You go to your car to leave in the parking garage and all of a sudden a slew of roaring rumbling obnoxious subarus go by and make their way to the bottom floor. Turbos whine, and bovs spit with attitude, while every sound echos off the walls all the way down.

Just a bunch of boys (and girl) and their cars. This is what this community/scene is all about.

Finding a place to chill and just chat about cars and aspirations. Love the battle wounds, zip tie stitching and aggressive stance of this foz.

It’s neat to see everyone’s personality shown through their rides, and everyone has their fair share of funny stories and close calls.

Haha coffee. This legacy sounds fantastic, every car had their own sounds. Slightly different rumble, different bovs/bpvs. Just an armada of sick sounding vehicles.

Ranging from uber clean and sleeper like…

To functional styling cues such as JDM yellow fogs, roof racks and triple gauge pods…

To Carbon Fibre hoods, and very flashy paint. I personally love the shade of this yellow.

Some cars were hiding things you wouldn’t know about just by looking at them. This GC is a rocket. Also peaking behind is a super clean Genesis, driven by the only lass at the meet. Hey, at least it wasn’t a complete sausage fest.

All in all it was an awesome time, and way better in the parkade than out in our super frosty canadian winter air. Can’t wait till the next one. Stay tuned as we’ll be posting some features soon of some of these sick rides. Sorry if I missed snapping a pic of anyones ride!

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