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[Mod for naturally aspirated boxer engines] Sick of that lame stock intake? Only have like 20 bucks in change? Well it’s your lucky day!

Go pick up a 2″ x 2″ piece of abs pipe. Also a 2″ rubber hose with hose clamps. I picked up a 45 degree pipe and a 15 degree pipe? Don’t remember the exact measurements but basically your trying to turn 75 degrees or such to direct the pipe to where your intake sucks up wonderful oxygen.

So grab a ratchet, 10 mm socket, 12mm socket, flathead screwdriver and a saw to chop up your piping.

The stock intake its pretty ridiculous so lets take it off. Remove the nuts and bolts holding down the intake and wiggle it off. 

Voila! Look at that beast.

Here is what it looks like installed. If you can find a 90 degree rubber hose or something that would work with less pieces.

I added a tiny piece of a rubber hose I found and made a slit down it so it would cover the edge of the opening like so. Figured it would reduce rattle if there was any.

So this works because the boxer filter in located at the top of the intake manifold so you can just leave the pipe open at the end. You could try this same thing on another vehicle and just purchase a cheap filter or be careful about dirt and debris hah! Happy Personalizing!


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