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Star Wars. Since the day I was born I can remember wanting to pilot an X-wing. The iconic blood red Rebel Alliance emblem on the battle scared wings catching our eye as they approach the Death Star. Just like Luke, R2 and his X-wing, Chloe and I have our share of stories.

I bought the car back in May 2010. After owning a variety of winter beaters here in Barrie ON I thought it was time for a change. (Yeah, I was a whimp and didn’t drive my 240 through the snow) Went from a $300 ’97 Bonneville, to a ’90 Celica GTS. Bombed around in the thick white stuff in those for awhile. I dared ask, could winter driving be as fun as the rest of the year? My question was soon answered. AWD.

Yah yah, I bought the car with a few heavy mods. They were ones I wanted to do right away anyways so why not save some dough. I mean I’m more than Flatbroke, I still owe money on her. But we’ve been through a lot and there is no doubt I’ve made her my own. I don’t just mean “personalization” either: stickers, modifications, and what not. I’m referring to the history we’ve had and will make. You can own a stock vehicle and yet still have personalized it, made it your own in a sense. The time you’ve clocked behind the wheel, the kms you put on the tires, if you’ve made em squeal or eat dirt. The rock chips on the bumper, that dent. The countless times you’ve washed it, or the fact you never have. The relationship you have with it, if you baby her like it’s your own daughter, or talk about her like that bitch that broke your heart. That’s what we’re about here at Flatbroke. It’s more than just cars, it’s cars with personality, it’s your car, it’s about you as the reader, and your experience and stories. So tell em, we’re listening…


2004 Subaru Impreza WRX

  • 2.5L STi block and pistons
  • 545cc ‘pink’ injectors
  • Hi-flow fuel pump
  • STI up-pipe
  • 3″ HKS TBE with cat
  • Turbosmart Vee Port B.O.V.
  • AEM short ram intake
  • Mach V lowering springs on stock KYB struts
  • 18×7.5 +38 Enkei Ev5s
  • 235/40 Nitto NT555
  • VK Innovations Carbon Fibre hood
  • Cleared out Headlights
  • Taillight Mod
  • Grille badge delete
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