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Most people would consider their car something they use to get from point A to point B and nothing else. A car is something most would take for granted. My Foz, Sophie, is more then that. Sophie is a means to an end.

Ben, who drove a 2004 WRX, had convinced me that Subaru was the way to go. Now being that we here at the site are “flat broke” my funds didn’t allow me to buy such an awesome car like his. After months of searching and saving I found a 2000 Forester that I fell in love with. I made the 2+ hour trek from my home to the “dealership” that had her for sale cash in hand.

I can let their card (posted above) do the talking for the quality of the dealership. It was a very “hole-in-the-wall” kind of place. To my surprise though the Foz was in great shape all things considered. Once the paper work and price was all settled, Ahmet handed me the keys to my new ride. Ahmet also informed me, in his Russian like accent, that he too was a Subaru fan :).

I learned how to dive stick in the Forester over that following week and now she gets me to and from wherever I needed to go and everything in between. Yes that is a steelie on the back, like I said funds are limited.

Unlike Ben’s Scoob, I bought mine stock but funds permitting I have some plans for her future. Like I said Sophie is a means to an end so stay locked on Flat Broke to see how it all unfolds.


2000 Subaru Forester L Dynastar

  • Bone Stock
  • Rear driver side steelie
  • Yellow winter Angry Bird
  • “New Car Smell” Little Tree air freshener
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